Young Chris on Freeway and Oschino Losing Kids, Oschino Claiming Beanie Stole Money (Part 12)

Watch the full interview now as a VladTV Youtube Member - Part 11: Part 1: -------- In this clip, Young Chris looks back on dropping a series of mixtapes with noted DJs such as Mick Boogie and Steph Floss. He also talks about spending time in the Cleveland area and linking up with Rich Paul before revealing that he is recording his "New Print" project at Rich Paul's house. From there, the Philadelphia native explains why he hasn't released a project since 2018 (The Network 5). Elsewhere in the interview, Young Chris states that he's finally ready to drop new music. Shawn Prez also asks Young Chris about Beanie Sigel dropping “Average Cat,” where he dissed Jay-Z, and Chris admitted that he was caught off guard. Chris clarified that the Roc-A-Fella crew wasn’t spending as much time together when the song dropped, but he added that he was still shocked. From there, Young Chris spoke about getting a bug to put out new music, and he explained that while he hasn’t stopped making music, he has stopped releasing it. Young Chris also shouted out Benny The Butcher and Jadakiss, who he said had inspired him. Shawn Prez also asked about Neef Buck dissing Meek Mill, and Young Chris explained that it also caught him off guard. Moving along, Young Chris addressed Oschino claiming that Beanie Sigel stole money from State Property, and Chris stated that he doesn’t have any thoughts on the claims. Young Chris also addressed Freeway losing two children and his father, along with Oschino losing his son, and Chris stated that Freeway is one of the strongest people he knows. To hear more, including Young Chris speaking about his brand, hit the above clip. Interview by: Shawn Prez Check out his youtube channel at:
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