What Victorian Aristocrats Typically Ate In A Day

If you believe a meal should be an event, you may have been a Victorian aristocrat in a former life. Love oysters? What about jellied desserts? Love a good curry? The eating habits of the upper crust of Victorian society was not as boring as you might think. #Victorian #Aristocrat #Food A surprisingly informal breakfast | 0:00 About that country estate… | 1:29 Tea time | 2:34 It's all about accessories | 3:47 A more formal affair | 4:46 Dinners: Made to impress | 5:49 Oysters, anyone? | 6:47 Have you seen my jelly? | 7:40 Fancy a curry? | 8:21 Ices were a popular treat | 9:28 Voiceover by: Tim Bensch Read full article: https://www.grunge.com/875169/what-victorian-aristocrats-typically-ate-in-a-day/
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