Watch live: Track the impact of global warming on the world


This data livestream shows in real time what is causing our environment to change. From the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere to how much the world has warmed because of human activity since the industrial revolution.Here’s a breakdown of the data:Real time power mix: Our power comes from lots of different sources. The National Grid has created a real time counter that shows how much of Great Britain's electricity is being produced by each source. It includes renewables, fossil fuels, nuclear and imports. For a full breakdown of each energy source, head here: National Grid ESOTotal CO2 emissions (million tonnes): This is the total amount of carbon emissions the world has produced, in millions of tonnes, since the industrial revolution began. Every time coal, gas, oil or wood is burnt, that number will increase and add to the warming number.Source: Global Warming Index, Environmental Change Institute University of Oxford https://www.globalwarmingindex.orgGlobal warming since 1880: This shows the level of human-induced global warming. It’s the clearest measure of how the world has changed since the second half of the 19th Century – the industrial revolution.Source: Global Warming Index, Environmental Change Institute University of Oxford https://www.globalwarmingindex.orgLatest climate news: SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more videos: us on Twitter: and us on Facebook: us on Instagram: News videos are now available in Spanish here/Los video de Sky News están disponibles en español aquí more content go to and download our apps:Apple