ULTIMATE £12m Aston Martin test! Victor, Vulcan, One-77, V8 Cygnet and Aston Motorbike | Top Gear


Watch video ULTIMATE £12m Aston Martin test! Victor, Vulcan, One-77, V8 Cygnet and Aston Motorbike | Top Gear and don't miss , , and other interesting high quality videos on The Daily Posts.
The new hairy-chested Aston Martin Victor. The One-77. The Vulcan. The 4.7L V8 Cygnet. The Vantage V12 V600. All driven on Silverstone’s Stowe circuit, and all products of Aston Martin’s exclusive ‘Q’ branch. If Aston were a club, ‘Q’ would be the VIP area. Except behind these velvet ropes you won’t find a sticky leatherette booth covered in various DNA, but the most spectacular and unique special editions to come from the British marque. If you can think it, they can pretty much make it. Case in point, the hilariously brilliant shoe-horning of a 4.7L Vantage V8 into Aston’s Toyota iQ-based Cygnet. But does seeming special in your imagination translate to being special out on track? Let’s find out with the help of Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix & Ollie Marriage.

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