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Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

The world of acting has seen some incredible personalities over the years. They have entertained their audiences over the years and have left behind a legacy that makes filling their shoes very hard. They have also created a fortune for themselves and enjoyed the millions of dollars that their talent has rightfully earned.

In the following article, we will be discussing some of the richest actors in the world as of now. Many are veteran actors who have delivered massive hits over the years while the others are just starting out.

However, all the fifty entrants in the following list have the riches to die for.

1. Shahrukh Khan

Net Worth: $600 million

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

“King of Bollywood,” “king khan,” “Badshah of Bollywood,” and more have been the terms used to define this legend. Shah Rukh Khan is the actor that made new boundaries with his acting and talent. Being in more than 80 films in his career, he is also the awardee of Padma Shri from Indian Government, Odre des Arts et des Lettres as well as Legion of Honour from the France government.

Not just his acting, this superstar is also famous for the sweet and sexy smile that he gives with a right-side dimple that melts the hearts of every girl in the world. He is hot and tempting in various ways that one can imagine. His net worth is over $600 million worldwide.

2. Tom Cruise

Net Worth: $500 million

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

He is the Tom we loved after Tom and Jerry! What can you say about this man, he is grand, sexy, temping and hot, with those eight packs body and a smile to kill everyone like a cupid’s arrow! He is super talented and super smart with a hot body. Magazines like Maxim, GQ, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and more have named him the sexiest man alive in the world many times. He was also the second richest man of the planet, with over $500 million net worth.

Not just designations, this man also has received over a hundred and one award nominations in his life from which he has won thirty-six of them.

3. George Clooney

Net Worth: $500 million

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

We all love this temping sexy man. George Timothy Clooney is the most celebrated actors in the world, with a fan domain of over billions. He got to be the recipient of two academy awards, along with three Golden Globe awards. Not just that, he is also on the list of being the richest men of the world, with over $500 million of net worth worldwide.

He is an actor, producer, activist director, and so many more, but the second-best thing after that which he possesses is his stature and poise. His charm is in his tempting- smile and those dreamy eyes.

4. Dr. Phil

Net Worth: $440 million

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

This man is all brain and possesses the ability to making anyone calm and slumber with his skills. With over twenty-five years of experience in sociology, psychology, and human observation, this man started his show with the name Dr. Phil. Dr. Phillip C McGraw is one of the renowned celebrities as well as professional mental health management, which, through his performance, has reached and helped several people.

From the year 2002, after his first episode got aired, he still helps people with habitual behaviour and issues through his show. $440 million man can talk to you and make you talk about anything.

5. Ryan Seacrest

Net Worth: $430 million

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

Ryan John Seacrest is the man who can steal your consciousness through your dreams. He is America’s famous radio personality, host as well as a producer. This man has done interviews with as many celebrities and public figures that no one ever has accomplished that range. He has done shows like American Idol, American Top 40, along with On Air with Ryan Seacrest and iHeartMedia’s KIIS-FM.

The $430 million guy is so dreamy with that broad smile that can melt your heart into pieces. He got the charm of being the perfect gentlemen, and with his power of temptation, he tends to make women drool over him.

6. Mel Gibson

Net Worth: $425 million

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

The patriot, Mad Max, Lethal Weapon star Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson, is that actor from the Hollywood world who has given some of the top-ranking movies of the all-time. $425 million worth actor, Mel is not just skilled with acting and the gift of film-making, he is also a handsome gentleman. His hotness is most popular due to his athletic body posture and the smile he possesses.

Mel got to be the recipient of several awards’ academy award and Golden Globe award. Best known as the action hero of Hollywood, his Fame as Max Rockantansky in Mad Max series is famous than anything else.

7. Adam Sandler

Net Worth: $420 million

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

Hold your excitements because the man of the men is here! Adam Richard Sandler is one of the names in Hollywood that we can imagine when someone says King of Comedy. He is the actor, screenwriter, producer, as well as singer and the best comedian of the century. In the year of 2011, he went on to receive a golden star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which made him be listed as one in a million.

Coming to his package, this guy (net worth $420 million) is all fun and cheerful. He can make your go gaga over his jokes, and you will never know when you have fallen for him. His smile is one of a kind with which he takes out the heart of billions of women in the world.

8. Amitabh Bachchan

Net Worth: $400 million

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

He got to be the greatest actor of the century and is probably known to the world for being “Shahenshah” of the Bollywood industry. This man is all about poise and charm. His extended posture, tempting gestures, and royalty can make anyone shiver with his just one look. No doubt, he is excellent and not only ruled the Bollywood world but also has made Hollywood drool over his excellence.

The $400 million actor is referred to as the star of the Millennium and known as BIG B. there was a time when he was referred to as the most handsome Indian in the world, with numerous people going crazy over his body and tallness, which is still regarded as his greatest asset.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Net Worth: $400 million

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

Everyone takes a back seat when this man arrives at the event! Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the best-known actors and a Hollywood millennium who gets respected and loved all around the globe. He is not just an actor, filmmaker, or businessman; he is also a reputed politician who has served to be the 38th Governor of California state of U.S.A.

He is charming, hot, sensational, and till now, his one look can give you the chills. The $400 million worth actor gives you an adrenaline rush with his impactful voice and stardom. He is also the former Mr. Universe of America.

10. Bill Cosby

Net Worth: $400 million

Top 50 Richest Actors in the World

William Henry Cosby Jr is an actor with pride and immense talent. This man is not just America’s best actor, but also, he is a most excellent stand-up comedian, author, and many more. After taking off in his career in a comic role, he became a favourite of every comedy loving person. He can make anyone laugh through his expression and jokes. He is well educated with the certificate of a doctorate from the University of Massachusetts.

$400 million actor is a native African American who has rocked the world with his gigs and acting skills. He was the face of various brands and hosted many of the renowned shows during his lifetime.

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