Solar panels, hydrogen and wireless charging – Kia has big plans for its EV future

Kia plans to launch 11 new electric cars by 2026, and they’re set to feature some cutting-edge EV tech.

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Jumia Stock May Be Worth a Look for Some Investors Breaking News

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Speculators dumped JMIA stock throughout this year when they realized it is not the next Amazon or MercadoLibre.
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Tesla’s New Giga Press Is Not Toying Around Breaking News

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Tesla’s Giga Press could be one of the company’s biggest disruptors in the economics of EV manufacturing, meaning good things for TSLA stock.
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How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Android Videos

0:00 Intro 0:10 Restart your device 0:50 Using the notification bar This video tutorial will show you how to turn off Safe Mode on Android. MORE TECH INSIDER VIDEOS: How To Buy Bitcoin On Gemini How To Add A Netflix Profile What Happens When You Block Someone On iPhone ------------------------------------------------------ #Android #HowTo #TechInsider Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more. Visit us at: TI on Facebook: TI on Instagram: TI on Twitter: INSIDER on Snapchat: How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Android

You Deserve a Big Ol’ Pan of Baked Brie Breaking News

Brie en croute is an excessive dish. Brie, on its own, served at room temperature without adornment, is already delightful: soft and spreadable, creamy and a little funky, a cheese that does not need to be melted. Read more…

Bitcoin Open Interest Remains Elevated Post Dramatic Dip Breaking News

Data shows Bitcoin open interest has remained high despite the dramatic sell-off that occurred a few days back due to fud from the new COVID variant.
Bitcoin Open Interest Remains High Following The Sell-Off
As per the latest weekly report from Arcane …

10 Promising Cryptos With Potential to 10X in 2022 Breaking News

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Given the ample choices available in the blockchain market, here are the 10 cryptos that could deliver 10X returns in 2022.
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How to Get What You Actually Want for Christmas Breaking News

If you’ve ever received a windbreaker branded with the name of the company your spouse works for, a toilet seat, or an emoji pancake pan because “it would be fun for the kids” on Christmas morning, we’d understand your desire to make sure it never happ…

Tron Founder Justin Sun Purchases Joker Inspired BAYCTron For A Record $15 Million Breaking News

The founder of the Tron network, Justin Sun, has bought a Joker-inspired artwork by Bored Ape Yacht Club Tron (BAYCTron), one of the first and most popular NFT collections on his blockchain today. The price tag? A stunning 150,000,000 TRX or $15 million. With this transaction, the artwork BAYCT #6666 takes first place as Tron’s most expensive NFT sale to date. A position previously held by another Justin Sun purchase — the Tpunk #3442, which sold for $10,5 million in August 2021. Ironically, his Tpunk was also inspired by the Joker Movie of DC Comics.   Crypto Punk #NFT became the most expensive @Twitter avatars worth $10M! But today, the world record has been renewed again. I bought a new Ape avatar with $15M worth of #TRX today! After all, the art of the #NFT avatar is the new artistic showcasing for our generation. — Justin Sun 🅣🌞 (@justinsuntron) November 30, 2021 The Chinese-born, 31-year-old tech billionaire is a deep believer in the digital art space and, particularly, the use of non-fungible tokens as key enablers of its development. Justifying his latest acquisition, Sun wrote on Twitter: “After all, the art of the #NFT avatar is the new artistic showcasing for our generation.” While this sudden move by Justin Sun took the BAYCTron community by surprise, it is widely known that this collection has been among the entrepreneur’s favorites alongside Tpunks and Tronmeebits. The purchased Joker artwork is part of a 10,000 NFT collection released on top of the Tron network earlier this year, and that sold out in just under 72 hours, becoming one of this blockchain’s fastest-selling collections. The TRC-721 artworks are an homage to the original Ethereum Bored Ape collection but incorporate a series of exclusive pieces featuring visual elements related to Tron and Justin Sun. “This purchase sends a strong message – the Tron NFT landscape is here to stay. This network offers great advantages for artists to run their collections, such as low fees and strong community and network support. We are delighted to hear about Justin’s purchase and expect other minters of our collection will also benefit from the growing secondary market activity in the coming months,” said BAYCTron CMO Carolina Matusso. This collection also got the attention of APENFT Foundation; a world-class curatorial group focused on identifying and providing support for prospective artists across multiple blockchains, including Tron and Ethereum. In September, APENFT and BAYCTron have signed a strategic partnership to incentivize the development of the project. 🥳🥳Pleased to announce we have established strategic cooperation with @BAYCTron which becomes another TRON NFT project after Tpunk and Tron Meetbits. It is the first public support object since APENFT announced the establishment of NFT Special Fund. @Tronfoundation @BitTorrent — APENFT (@apenftorg) September 22, 2021   The efforts of APENFT seem perfectly aligned with BAYCTron’s plan. The curatorial organization and Tron Foundation have recently established a $100 million fund to support emerging NFT projects and digital artists in this network. Mutant Apes Gain Traction Among Collectors With direct support from Justin Sun and the strong Tron community, the minting of the BAYCTron Mutant Apes collection is rapidly picking up. As of this writing, the excentric and vibrant Mutants are 35 percent minted. The new collection is not less exciting than the first. The Mutants include distinctive versions of the Joker, Harley Quinn, Kill Bill, and even Justin Sun. Collectors can still mint Mutant Apes for a fixed cost of 1000 TRX (~ $100) in the hopes that this new collection replicates the same luck as the original Apes.

How to (Finally) Actually Move on From a Relationship Breaking News

Every relationship is different, and so is every breakup. I mean, at one point or another, haven’t we all typed, “how long get over breakup timeline” into our search bar? Sadly, there is no mathematical equation to calculate a finite timeframe to reco…