Sheek Louch on 21 Savage Saying Nas Isn’t Relevant, LOX Having to Freestyle for Biggie (Part 16)

Watch the full interview now as a VladTV Youtube Member - Part 15: Part 17: Part 1: -------- In this clip, Sheek Louch talked about the now-infamous 21 Savage remark about Nas’s relevancy today. Sheek said he thinks 21 meant that Nas isn’t the most “current” artist and maybe doesn’t resonate with the younger generation. But he didn’t take the comment as an indictment on whether Nas was a dope emcee or not. Later, Sheek recounted freestyling in front of Biggie for the first time and how nervous that made him. Sheek Louch Has 3 Albums Out Right Now! Available on all Platforms: Gorillaween, Beastmode, Beastmode Deluxe
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