Severe weather threatens millions across the nation

Residents on the East Coast are now bracing for the season’s first nor’easter, as severe weather threatens tens of millions of Americans from the Pacific Northwest to New England. CBS news lead national correspondent David Begnaud reports on the impact…

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Sen. Chris Murphy: GOP gives up on kids once they’re born Videos

In the wake of the deadly shooting at a Michigan high school, US Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) delivered a passionate speech on the Senate floor in which he called out Republicans for defending “the sanctity of life” when it comes to the debate over abortion, but not when it comes to gun control issues. #CNN #News

Tesla is selling a $1,900 Cyberquad ATV for kids Breaking News

Tesla has started selling the Cyberquad, but it’s not the ATV it previewed when it unveiled its electric truck in 2019. No, the Cybersquad you can now buy from the automaker’s store is a much smaller version of the vehicle meant kids — and yes, it actually works. 

The four-wheel ATV is powered by a lithium-ion battery and will run on electricity like its bigger version. It has 15 miles of range with a configurable top speed of 10mph, a full steel frame, a cushioned seat, adjustable suspension and LED light bars. In other words, it looks like a shrunken down version of a legit ATV. 

A small Cyberquad will set you back $1,900 and is expected to start shipping within the next two to four weeks. But before you seriously start considering getting it as a gift for your kid this Christmas, know that Tesla says that orders aren’t guaranteed to arrive before the holidays. Also, it’s only currently available from Tesla’s US shop and can only be shipped to continental United States.

We first saw a glimpse of the Cyberquad (the actual one for for adults) at the Cybertruck event, where it rode onto the back of the truck to show how its adaptive suspension enables easier loading. Musk then confirmed that it will be available for purchase initially as an option for Cybertruck buyers. 


The PS5 disc edition is available now at Target Breaking News

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Shopping for a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X these days is starting to feel like hunting for toilet paper during the early days of the pandemic. Thankfully, however, if you still …

What happened to the EU’s vaunted values? Guy Verhofstadt interview | Conflict Zone Videos

Will the tragic deaths of 27 people in the English Channel force Europe to commit to safer migration policies? #dwZone’s Tim Sebastian talks to MEP and former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt about Europe’s treatment of migrants, the trouble with Facebook, and the need for a revamped NATO. Conflict Zone is Deutsche Welle's top political interview. Every week, our hosts Tim Sebastian and Sarah Kelly are face to face with global decision-makers, seeking straight answers to straight questions, putting the spotlight on controversial issues and calling the powerful to account. Chapters: 00:00 Intro 00:53 Time for new EU policies on migration? 04:31 What's the point of the EU? 05:40 Which values are the EU selling? 07:32 “I am as critical as you” 12:13 EU leaders gutless over Hungary, Poland? 16:54 “Social media are undermining our liberal democracy” 20:35 Biden and Trump both criticized the EU “and for good reasons” 23:49 “There will be a time where [China] will decide on our standards” Subscribe: For more news go to: Follow DW on social media: ►Facebook: ►Twitter: ►Instagram: #dwZone #refugees #fortressEurope