Obstacle Course and Coal Chute!! – Top Truck Challenge 2015


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We’ve renovated the Obstacle Course for 2015: no long downhill section and an entirely dry course. But is it easier? Nope. Our demented course builders made sure this event would be a real eye-opener for competitors. Competitors begin in the lower section, which is pockmarked with evil holes, off-camber sections, and gobs of loose dirt. They then travel to the upper section that includes a pair of deep, nasty holes and the infamous “U-Turn Hill.” From there, it is into a ravine that stands guard over the finish line. Even with a 10-minute time limit, this event is less about speed and more about accuracy. Who will be stopped cold?

This year’s Coal Chute uses a section of the newly developed Upper Obstacle Course, which is so challenging we didn’t even build it for TTC – it came with the park! This new section is 525 miserable feet in length and features rock walls over 7 feet high plus a collection of rocks and cement tubes. The Coal Chute is divided into three distinct sections and culminates in a cement wall at the finish. 20 minutes on the clock, here we go!

Event coverage and photos at http://www.fourwheeler.com/top-truck-challenge/.

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