M. Night Shyamalan On His 2nd R-Rating For ‘Knock At The Cabin’ & 3 Words That Describe His Films

Director M. Night Shyamalan shares his thoughts on getting his second R-rating for 'Knock At The Cabin' and the three words that perfectly describe his filmography. ►►Subscribe for more entertainment news: http://thr.cm/dwtPxG2 ►► See our latest videos: http://thr.cm/syLedfw About: The Hollywood Reporter (THR) is the entertainment industry's flagship media brand, offering in-depth reporting, analysis, unparalleled access, world-class photography and video, and feature exclusives in its award-winning weekly magazine and dynamic website. The Hollywood Reporter also boasts prestigious live events, industry-leading philanthropic, empowerment and diversity initiatives and hugely successful video series. Connect with The Hollywood Reporter Online: Visit the website: http://thr.cm/MgwCFl9 Likes us on Facebook: http://thr.cm/ngIBL8l Follow us on Twitter: http://thr.cm/2S875k7 Follow us on Instagram: http://thr.cm/cDQoWQd #KnockAtTheCabin #M. NightShyamalan #TheHollywoodReporter M. Night Shyamalan On His 2nd R-Rating For 'Knock At The Cabin' & 3 Words That Describe His Films The Hollywood Reporter https://youtube.com/hollywoodreporter
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