Is Prince Harry ‘struggling’? Royal experts react to Meghan Markle podcast and The Cut interview

While Prince Harry made another cameo in the Meghan Markle The Cut interview, author and historian Dr Tessa Dunlop believes that his absence is a concern. ‘I think Harry is struggling with it, poor old Harry. Who’s front of The Cut? It’s Meghan. Who’s hosting the podcast? It’s Meghan. Where’s Harry?’ she says. ‘I feel sorry for Harry – he’s like the in-between guy, but Meghan is off there in the fast lane as far as I’m concerned.’ The Mail on Sunday’s editor at large Charlotte Griffiths believes that Harry is being kept to the side for the content that requires sticking to a script. ‘Meghan can pull off scripted quite well, Harry wasn’t pulling it off so well, so I think she’s said, “Listen, you can have a walk-on cameo,”’ she says. ‘She’s probably pre-programmed him to drop one truth bomb and then that’s it. 0:00 Palace Confidential Intro 0:33 Experts react to Meghan Markle The Cut interview 1:50 How would the Royal Family react to Meghan's interview? 2:14 Analysing Prince Harry's Royal Family comments 3:00 What about the mention of Meghan's Montecito mansion? 3:46 THAT Meghan reference to Nelson Mandela 4:27 'Why did she marry into the Royal family? asks Dr Tessa Dunlop 5:36 Richard Eden reacts to Meghan's 'untrue' claims about the 'British' media 8:39 What about Prince Harry's role? 10:20 Should the Royals 'love-bomb' Meghan and Harry? 11:07 Should Harry and Meghan lose their Royal titles? 12:23 Latest Meghan Markle 'bullying' allegation developments 13:24 'Bad timing'? Queen's health, Diana's death anniversary 14:29 Would Harry and Meghan visit the Queen during their trip? 14:55 Reacting to Meghan Markle Mariah Carey podcast 17:03 A closer look at Prince Charles and latest on the Prince's charities 23:30 The Queen's health and 'unprecedented' Balmoral move #meghanmarkle #meghan #palaceconfidential #dailymail #dailymailroyals #princeharry #royals Daily Mail Website: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:
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