DJ Khaled ft. Justin Bieber – “I’m the One” PARODY


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▶ DJ Khaled – George Khouri –
▶ Chance the Rapper – Matt Smith –
▶ Butler – Mark Dohner –
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ALL voices by Bart Baker –


Justin Bieber – Bart Baker –

DJ Khaled – George Khouri – |

Butler – Mark Dohner –

Chance the Rapper – Matt Smith –

Lil Wayne – Darryl Love – 

Quavo – Tavares Perkins –

Dancer – Danielle Andrade – |

“I’m the One” Parody Created/Written/Directed by – Bart Baker –
“I’m the One” Parody Writer – Eli Braden
“I’m the One” Parody Producer – Jason Nelken –
“I’m the One” Parody Editor – Bart Baker
“I’m the One” Parody Instrumental Track Composer – Sing King Karaoke – | | | |
“I’m the One” Parody Director of Photography – Vahe Papazyan –
“I’m the One” Parody Key Hair & Makeup – Brittany White –
“I’m the One” Parody Assistant Hair & Makeup – Angie Peek –
“I’m the One” Parody Production Coordinator – Jordan Rockower – |
“I’m the One” Parody Production Assistant – Luke Matthews –
“I’m the One” Parody Production Assistant – Alex Ekmekchyan
“I’m the One” Parody Runner – Erik Reedy –
“I’m the One” Parody Wardrobe Design – Heather O’Shea

Any non-parody music tracks used courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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Twitter has a secret system for dealing with attacks on high-profile accounts

As the meme goes, the goal of every Twitter user is to avoid being the main character of the day. But if you end up being that unlucky soul, it turns out Twitter is prepared to help you survive the potential trolling onslaught. As Bloomberg reports, the company has developed Project Guardian, an internal list of thousands of accounts who could potentially be attacked by other users. Being on that list fast-tracks any complaints related to those users on Twitter’s moderation systems.

While it may sound a bit suspect, the big takeaway from Bloomberg’s reporting is that Project Guardian is just a predictive aspect of Twitter’s security measures. And unlike Facebook’s treatment of VIP’s, which has been criticized for allowing celebrities and politicians to break that platform’s rules, Twitter’s system doesn’t necessarily grant more privileges to users.

Project Guardian also includes some well-known athletes, media personalities and politicians, but Yoel Roth, Twitter’s head of site integrity, tells Bloomberg that the list doesn’t include famous users. As, as we mentioned, it also helps to protect normal people who end up going viral.

“The reason this concept existed is because of the ‘person of the day’ phenomenon,” Roth said. “And on that basis, there are some people who are the ‘person of the day’ most days, and so Project Guardian would be one way to protect them.”

In an ideal world, Twitter would be able to give every user the same amount of security support. But, as Bloomberg notes, the company currently receives too many moderation requests to manage that. Perhaps that’s an argument that user safety should be scaled in proportion with user growth. And while Project Guardian helps to protect some users, it’s also a smart way for Twitter to squash harassment that could also hurt its own image. You could argue that’s true for practically every security measure a social media company takes, though.

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