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“Don’t Look Up,” an apocalyptic comedy

Can you play an existential crisis for laughs? Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with stars Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio, and with writer-director Adam McKay (an Oscar-winner for “The Big Short”), about “Don’t Look Up,” a satire about Earth’s impen…

8 gifts for aspiring Instagram and TikTok influencers

We all have that friend or relative who aspires to be a social media influencer. They’re always keeping up with the latest trends, they’re always filming or taking pictures, and they have the ruthless ambition of a reality show contestant. They’ve got …

Holiday opens up with Galaxy | Samsung

This holiday, share the joy and happiness with your loved ones. Holiday opens up with Galaxy. Learn more: #GalaxyZFlip3 #GalaxyWatch4 #GalaxyBuds2 #Samsung

Did the Great Wall of China work?

The Great Wall of China was built to defend the empire from enemy armies, but now it acts as a unifying symbol and a useful propaganda tool for the ruling Communist Party.