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The Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Potential Of NFTs Breaking News

As NFTs gain popularity as a way of owning digital assets and joining tokenized communities, there are signs that this new way of creating and collecting art could drive advances in diversity, equity and inclusion in historically inequitable spaces.

Toledo’s mammoth art project Breaking News

Toledo’s industrial waterfront is looking more colorful, thanks to the massive mural being painted on 28 grain silos along the Maumee River. Correspondent Tracy Smith talks with project manager Christina Kasper and Los Angeles artist Gabriel Gault abou…

CryptoDragons Introduces a World-Class Blockchain DNA Project Breaking News

PRESS RELEASE. NFTs are all the rage right now – they are essentially unique units of data that generally represent a piece of art, media, or other forms of digital files. There are many interesting projects in youthful stages right now, but one of the most prominent NFT projects to arise recently is CryptoDragons. The […]

Buzzzz-o-Meter: Stars Are Buzzing About This Immersive Art Experience Breaking News

Hollywood can’t stop buzzing about these purchases! From yoga classes to vodka to art, the stars are setting trends for consumers everywhere. The big trend among celebs is Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. Madonna visited the New York edition in June while Emily in Paris star Lily Collins went to the Chicago one in April. […]

Demar Derozan Has Mastered The Art of The Midrange Videos

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