7 Times Comic Books Proved That Superhero Romance Was A Bad Idea

7 Times Comic Books Proved That Superhero Romance Was A Bad Idea

There are numerous comic book stories featuring superhero relationships. Almost every leading comic book hero has been shown to be involved with someone (and even their movie versions too). It is a great way to add a human touch to the superheroes and make them relatable alongside adding another interesting element to their characters. However, fans quickly spot that most of these relationships fizzle out. In fact, some of them end so badly that we wonder why they were even created. In this article, we are going to take a look at some such relationships, and you can be assured that we won’t be revisiting the very obvious pair of Joker and Harley Quinn.


In the Marvel Comics, Hank Pym turned out to be one of the founding Avengers, but, it was his marriage with Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp) happened to be quite a mess.

Hank Pym has always been a man with lofty ambitions and wanted to reform the world. Sadly, this obsession resulted in creation of things like Ultron. When Janet tried drilling some sense into him about his actions in Avengers #213, he went off the edge and slapped her across the face. Since then, the old Pym has not been known to be much more than a wife beater. In fact, he earned this notoriety before what he did in Ultimates #6, where he had let loose an entire ant army to attack Janet while she was in her miniature Wasp form.

7 Times Comic Books Proved That Superhero Romance Was A Bad Idea


Although Black Canary has been the primary lover of the Green Arrow, she has occasionally romanced the Batman. While they have not gone beyond a few kisses in the main DC universe, they have had a lot more interaction in alternate timelines.

Among the craziest of them all, was a scene from All-Star Batman and Robin, and it might just be one of the weirdest in the history of the Dark Knight. In this story, Batman fought a bunch of people and burned them all alive. That’s when Black Canary arrives on the scene, and he goes on to bone her will all those people burning around them. This is such a macabre scene that it nearly made us dislike Batman comics.

7 Times Comic Books Proved That Superhero Romance Was A Bad Idea


Gwen Stacy’s demise is probably one of the most impactful incidents in the history of comic books. The development was not only shattering for Peter Parker’s character but, it also introduced a whole new era to the industry. It was almost unthinkable that such an event would ever become ineffective. However, let us take a look at the Amazing Spider-Man #509-514.

There was a story titled “Sins Past,” wherein Marvel did sort of retcon for Gwen Stacy. It was revealed that she had been cheating on Peter by going to bed with his enemy Norman Osborn. As a result, she became pregnant, and then she ended her relationship with the Green Goblin. Upset with her, he chose to kill her by throwing her off a bridge and raise her twin children to become assassins trained specifically to murder Peter Parker. This doesn’t even need any more explanation, right?

7 Times Comic Books Proved That Superhero Romance Was A Bad Idea


The Wonder Woman film did so well that it almost revived the sinking DCEU. It compelled us to delve deeper into her relationship with Steve Trevor that had been the inspiration behind their movie romance. It was obvious that we stumbled upon some really ridiculous moments.

Let us take note of the fact that he was being manipulated in the New 52 and then was grossly misused. However, the real problem in this relationship was seen in Wonder Woman #167, where Steve Trevor tried forcing her to marry him by tying her with her own lasso. It becomes worse because she had initially pleaded with him to wait until she wrapped up her crime-fighting stint. He obviously didn’t listen to her.

7 Times Comic Books Proved That Superhero Romance Was A Bad Idea


The moment we see these two names, it becomes clear that something twisted is going to happen. Here we must emphasize that this was not a piece from some alternate timeline where they were not related to each other. In this story, Scarlet Witch was still Quicksilver’s sister.

We had seen hints about their romance in various issues such as the cover for Ultimates #8. Still, it was only in Ultimates 3#1 where this relationship was confirmed. Scarlet Witch steps out in a skimpy costume, and Captain America tries to say that they are creating an example. That’s when Quicksilver threatens Captain that he would kill him. That is when it comes to light that they have a very strong romance going on, Captain doesn’t take it well. That leads to Hawkeye suggesting that they must take action to resolve this.

7 Times Comic Books Proved That Superhero Romance Was A Bad Idea


It is quite unusual that we get to see a normal romantic relationship in comic books and that is the kind of thing Black Panther had with Storm for a lengthy period of time. Originating from the same country, they had been close to each other from an early age. However, it was their hero duties that took them into different directions. Still, nothing stopped them from marrying each other in Black Panther #18.

Having said that, this relationship also had its rough times, but,  nothing was truly weird until Avengers Vs. X-Men #8. This story saw Namor declare a war on Wakanda and destroy it. That is when Black Panther severed his ties with the X-Men and even separated from his wife. He said that all X-Men were Wakanda’s enemies and must go away. Soon after that, they divorced.

7 Times Comic Books Proved That Superhero Romance Was A Bad Idea


No matter how much love fans shower upon the relationship between Green Arrow and the Black Canary, it is certainly not the most enduring relationship witnessed in the DC Universe.

Among the numerous crazy things that took place between these two, the biggest thing was that Oliver had cheated her with Black Lightning’s niece in Green Arrow #28.  Just in case that was not crazy enough, after Oliver died and was somehow resurrected, the Black Canary found out that it was only a clone. Still, the clone was more understanding than the real Oliver, and they got married, however, he attacked her and was killed by her in Green Arrow/Black Canary #1. This is for all those who feel Arrow has given a raw deal to Laurel Lance.

7 Times Comic Books Proved That Superhero Romance Was A Bad Idea

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