2 Men Who Have Been In A Relationship With Shakira

2 Men Who Have Been In A Relationship With Shakira

Subsequent to accomplishing superstardom all through Latin America, Colombian-conceived Shakira became Latin pop’s greatest female hybrid craftsman since Jennifer Lopez. Noted for her forceful, rock-affected methodology, Shakira kept up a phenomenal level of inventive power over her music; she composed or co-composed about every last bit of her own material, and in the process increased a notoriety for being one of Latin music’s most aggressively lovely lyricists.

At the point when she discharged her first English material, she turned into a moment pop sensation, because of her particular graceful sense and a hot video picture based on her hip-shaking hip twirl dances. Shakira was conceived in Barranquilla, Colombia, into a poor family. Her mom was a local Colombian and her dad was of Lebanese, thus as a kid Shakira absorbed music from the two societies

She additionally listened intensely to English-language rock and dance, posting her preferred groups in later meetings as Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Police, the Cure, and Nirvana. Shakira kept in touch with her first melody at age eight, started entering ability campaigns at age ten, and began learning the guitar at age eleven.

At thirteen years old, Shakira danced to Bogotá in hopes of seeking after a displaying vocation, yet ended up marking a record manage Sony’s Colombian division. Her introduction collection, Magia, involved tunes she’d composed in the course of the last five or six years, including a portion of her most punctual endeavors.

Despite the fact that it didn’t break universally, the record began to make a name for her in her nation of origin. Disappointed with the pop tendencies of the development, Peligro, Shakira altered course for a period, joining the cast of the Colombian drama El Oasis.

1. When Shakira Dated Gerard Piqué (2011-2017)

Shakira entered an association with the Spanish football player Gerard Piqué, focus back for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national group . Piqué, who is actually ten years her lesser, initially met Shakira in the spring, when Piqué showed up in the music video for Shakira’s tune Waka This Time for Africa, the official tune of the World Cup. Shakira brought forth the couple’s first child in Barcelona, Spain, where the family had taken up living arrangement. They met when the Spanish football determination went to South Africa and Shakira sang the Football title song Waka-Waka. At their birthday, Gerard Piqué posted on twitter a photograph of them together with companions.

2 Men Who Have Been In A Relationship With Shakira

2. Shakira’s Relationship With Antonio De la Rua (2000-2010)

Shakira started dating the Argentinian legal advisor and child of the previous leader of Argentina, Fernando de la Rua, directly before her hybrid profession took off. The couple never got hitched in light of the fact that, as Shakira stated, they functioned as a wedded couple so they didn’t need papers for that. The two isolated after very nearly eleven years together, and Antonio later sued Shakira for hundred million dollars after she ended their business organization. The claim was rejected and Shakira proceeded onward.

2 Men Who Have Been In A Relationship With Shakira

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